Sentence Examples

  • Your Sims, their stories and movies, even the homes you build for them can be posted online at the Sims 2 website so you can share your Sim experience with a community of fans who are as addicted as you are.
  • After certain areas are unlocked, and certain characters have clued you in you will be able to store items in special areas around Sim City so your Urb will never be far from a place to call home.
  • If you are a doctor that will be frequently visiting overseas for conferences and other engagements, it may be prudent to get a world phone, an unlocked phone, or even a dual SIM smartphone.
  • By far the least expensive option for using cell phones in Europe or the rest of the world is to invest in an unlocked phone and then purchase a prepaid SIM card in your country of choice.
  • A new "Holiday Party Pack" will be released November 17 as a limited edition Sim 2 collection or you can purchase the extras from the website on a CD or download them directly to your PC.