Sentence Examples

  • Though it is not quite as easy to wield for curl and wave techniques as its three-quarter inch companion, the one-inch plate can style all types of hair and may be preferable for consumers with more broad styling needs.
  • If you're bashful, or are already exceptionally tall, then a simple six and three-quarter inch model can be easily dressed up with the addition of little red dice resting within the Lucite hole of your shoe sole.
  • At Woman Within you'll find clothing for nearly all your style needs, including blazers that will fit your frame, such as their Only Necessities linen touch blazers with three-quarter sleeves.
  • Tops: Wear these shorts with any number of spring or summer tops such as halter tops, tank tops, polo shirts, three-quarter sleeve button-up shirts, trendy tees and empire waist tops.
  • Slip into a pair of dark rinse jeans, throw on a fitted dark top with three-quarter length sleeves and finish by draping an elegant shawl in a contrasting color over your shoulders.