Sentence Examples

  • To these sums the value of horses alone contributed about three-fourths, Belgium taking more than half the number of exported horses.
  • For fully three-fourths of its length Loch Shiel has a south-westerly direction, but at Eilean Fhianain (Finnan's Island) it strikes towards the west.
  • "We do – well, actually it's part of the land Alex had when we got married," Carmen answered, cutting a sandwich in fourths for the twins.
  • Myrtaceae comes next with Eucalyptus, which forms three-fourths of the forests, and Melaleuca; both are absent from New Caledonia and New Zealand; a few species of the former extend to New Guinea and one of the latter to Malaya.
  • Every year more than half the adult males (in some districts three-fourths of the men and one-third of the women) quit their homes and wander throughout Russia in search of labour.