Noun Worksheets for Swift Elementary School Learning

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Updated June 29, 2022
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    Schoolgirl Doing Homework
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Nouns are people, places, things, and ideas — but there’s a bit more to it than that. Practice common nouns, proper nouns, possessive nouns, collective nouns, compound nouns, and plural nouns with eight engaging and educational worksheets. Just click the worksheet and answer key you want, download the PDF, and print for classroom or homeschool use.

An Alphabet of Nouns Worksheet

Beginning learners can fill out this worksheet to name a noun for each letter of the alphabet. If you have a letter of the week for your classroom, students could fill out the worksheet throughout the year by adding a noun as you cover each letter.

an alphabet of nouns worksheet

Alphabet of nouns worksheet

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Common and Proper Noun Worksheet

Kids in first grade and second grade can explore common and proper nouns with this simple worksheet. Students practice both identifying and writing common and proper nouns.

Common and proper noun Worksheet

Common and proper noun

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Possessive Noun Worksheet

Students in second and third grade learn about possessive nouns, then practice their skills with this simple worksheet. They circle whether the possessive noun or plural noun completes each of 10 sentences.

Collective Nouns Worksheet

A collective noun refers to more than one noun, but functions as a singular noun. Second, third, and fourth graders match collective nouns to groups of people, animals, and objects.

Compound Nouns Worksheet

When you combine two smaller nouns into one word, you’ve created a compound noun. Elementary students work on making compound nouns from a word bank before using three of them in a sentence.

Making Compound Nouns Worksheet

Making Compound Nouns

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Plural Nouns Worksheet

How do you write a sentence when there’s more than one noun? Third and fourth graders master the difference between singular and plural nouns with a helpful exercise.

Making regular nouns plural workesheet

Making regular nouns plural workesheet

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Plural vs. Possessive Nouns Worksheet

Fourth and fifth graders determine whether a noun is plural or possessive in an instructive worksheet. After identifying plural, possessive, and plural possessive nouns, they correct grammar mistakes in several sentences.

Plural vs. Possessive Nouns Worksheet

Plural vs. Possessive Nouns Worksheet

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Types of Nouns Quiz

Sixth graders who are ready for a challenge can try out a quiz on different types of nouns. They work on proper and collective nouns, abstract and concrete nouns, and countable and uncountable nouns.

Fun Ways To Practice Parts of Speech

Once students have demonstrated their knowledge of nouns, it’s time to play around! Use grammar games to reinforce understanding and have a good time.

  • Play noun games instead of giving a lecture on parts of speech.
  • Combine a verbs lesson with a cute classroom activity that will get students moving.
  • Bring some pronoun games into the classroom (that require little to no prep work).
  • Have older students work on different writing concepts with fun grammar activities.
  • Master helping verbs with a set of elementary classroom exercises.