Sentence Examples

  • Bradley (Ethical Studies, p. 2) quotes an even plainer attack on the conceptions as well as the terminology of ethics in a Westminster Review article (Oct.
  • The deeper tints are, however, peculiar to the nuptial plumage, or are only to be faintly traced at other times, so that in winter the adults - and the young always - have a much plainer appearance, ashy-grey and white being almost the only hues observable.
  • But Muller has the merit of clearly outstriding his predecessors, and with his accustomed perspicuity made the way even plainer for his successors to see than he himself was able to see it.
  • The greatest progress has been made in the manufacture of cotton fabrics, principally of the plainer and coarser grades used by the common people.
  • Archedemus, a contemporary of Diogenes, put this in plainer terms still: " The end is to live in the performance of all fitting actions " (7ravra Ta Ka81]KovTa E7rtT€XoUVTas 1 v).