Pipe Definition

piped, pipes, piping
A hollow cylinder or cone, as of reed, straw, wood, or metal, in which air vibrates to produce a musical sound, as in an organ or wind instrument.
Webster's New World
A section or piece of such a tube.
American Heritage
A long tube of clay, concrete, metal, plastic, etc., for conveying water, gas, oil, etc. or for use in construction.
Webster's New World
A high, shrill sound, as of a voice, birdcall, etc.
Webster's New World
Any wind instrument.
Webster's New World
piped, pipes, piping
To convey as if by pipes, especially to transmit by wire or cable.
Piped music into the store.
American Heritage
To convey (water, gas, oil, etc.) by means of pipes.
Webster's New World
To play (a tune, etc.) on a pipe.
Webster's New World
To affect or bring to some condition or place by or as by playing pipes.
To pipe the clan to battle.
Webster's New World
To provide with pipes.
Webster's New World
pipe down
  • to become quiet or quieter; stop shouting, talking, etc.
Webster's New World
pipe in
  • to convey (esp. transcribed or remote music or speech) by an electric or electronic system
Webster's New World
pipe up
  • to begin to play or sing (music)
  • to speak up or say, esp. in a piping voice
Webster's New World

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Origin of Pipe

  • Middle English from Old English pīpe from Vulgar Latin pīpa from Latin pīpāre to chirp

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From Old English pipe, from Vulgar Latin *pipa.

    From Wiktionary

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