Let's Bring Back 'Sweven' and Make Our Dreams Sound Interesting

Updated April 19, 2022
Young woman sleeping
    Young woman sleeping
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All of us have swevens for the future. In fact, most of us had swevens last night (hopefully good ones). Don’t know what a sweven is? Neither do your friends — but you can fix that by bringing this Middle English word into your everyday conversations.

Once Upon a Dream

A sweven is a dream or vision. Depending on your translation from the Old English swefn, it can mean a vision for the future (you walking down the aisle with your childhood crush) or an actual sleeping dream (you walking down the aisle with your childhood crush, but they become a zombie and infect the entire wedding party). Either way, sweven is a new-but-old way to describe any type of dream.

Scary Swevens

Another type of dream that could be a sweven is a spooky one, such as a dreamlike premonition or haunting vision. That creepy floating thing you’re sure you saw that one time in the hallway? That could have been a sweven. So could that terrifying moment you saw a terrible accident flash before your eyes but then it didn’t happen, or that time you heard someone whisper in your ear but no one was there — that could be a sweven too. (Sorry for the reminder; hopefully you don’t have bad swevens because of it.)



How To Use It Today

Unless you make a living as a dream interpreter, you may not get too many chances to mention swevens in your daily life. But there’s one surefire way to bring sweven back to the 21st-century: add it to common idioms in place of the word dream. For example:

  • She’s the woman of my swevens.
  • This job is a sweven come true.
  • We’re living the American sweven!
  • One day, I’d love to move to the city. but for now it’s just a pipe sweven.
  • You’re asking us to stay late on a Saturday? Sweven on!
  • Look at that guy — what a sweven boat!
  • After all these years, we’re finally building our sweven house.
  • Tom won the lottery and is rich beyond his wildest swevens.
  • Do what you love and follow your swevens.
  • Sleep well, darling. Sweet swevens.

More Somniative Synonyms for ‘Sweven’

We admit, sweven can be a bit of a mouthful (and can sound distractingly like seven). If you want to talk about dreams or visions in a different way, try out:

  • apparition - a ghostlike vision
  • chimera - a wish that’s difficult or impossible to reach (also a mythological beast)
  • phantasm - a scary illusion or dream
  • phantasmagoria - a dreamlike state that feels both real and unreal
  • reverie - a fanciful daydream
  • somniation - the act of dreaming

Sweven A Little Sweven of Me