Sentence Examples

  • Genital duct diaulic; male and female apertures contiguous.
  • Genital duct triaulic. Spicules present in the mantle.
  • Genital duct always triaulic, and male and female apertures distant from each other.
  • The portion of the lachrymal duct communicating with the cavity of the nose has, on the other hand, been abnormally developed, apparently for the purpose of cleansing that chamber from particles of sand which may obtain an entrance while the animal is burrowing.
  • In Lanice conchilega the posterior series of nephridia are connected by a thick longitudinal duct, which seems to be seen in its most reduced form in Owenia, where a duct on each side runs in the epidermis, being in parts a groove, and receives one short tubular nephridium only and occupies only one segment.