Sentence Examples

  • The line of intersection forming a descending gutter which runs to the outlet.
  • Morbid curiosity drew her from the gutter to the highway.
  • According to Brunnow, King William, by using his influence to secure the passage of the Reform Bill, had cast his crown into the gutter; the throne might endure for his lifetime, but the next heir was a young and inexperienced girl, and, even were the princess Victoria ever to mount the thronewhich was unlikely she would be speedily swept off it again by the rising tide of republicanism.
  • For the controversies of the Reformation were conducted by both sides, from kings and prelates down to gutter pamphleteers, in language of the most unseemly violence.
  • Frederick William, however, whose instincts were far from democratic, refused to pick up a crown out of the gutter; and the deputation which waited upon him was dismissed with the answer that he could not assume the imperial title without the full sanction of the princes and the free cities.