Sentence Examples

  • Water streamed through the gutters, and those cars out in the storm crawled block-to-block.
  • "We can now easily conceive," he says, "that in all rain-water which is collected from gutters in cisterns, and in all waters exposed to the air, animalcules may be found; for they may be carried thither by the particles of dust blown about by the winds."
  • "I found a cell phone!" another shouted as he scoured the gutters around the church.
  • The roof must not be quite flat, for a slight fall is necessary in its upper surface to allow water to drain away into gutters placed at convenient points.
  • Glandular ciliated pit between the mouth and the chin into which the overflow water 0 passes by a pair of gutters, and in which fine particles are aggregated into pellets, which the animal deposits.