Sentence Examples

  • About 1685) wrote the historical work Qore ha-doroth (Venice, 1746), using Jewish and other sources; Jacob ben Hayyim Zemah, kabbalist and student of Luria, wrote Qol be-ramah, a commentary on the Zohar and on the liturgy; Abraham Hayekini, kabbalist, chiefly remembered as a supporter of the would-be Messiah, Shabbethai Zebhi, wrote Hod Malkuth (Constantinople, 1655) and sermons.
  • He married in January 1562 Anne, daughter of George Barnes, Lord Mayor of London and widow of Alexander Ca rleill, whose son-in-law Christopher Hod desdon was closely associated with maritime and commercial enterprise.
  • - -, mai baodhO (consciousness) hOd boi padha (foot).
  • He was then dressed like a mason with hod and trowel, and so conveyed over the frontier.
  • Robin Hood is Hod, the god of the wind, a form of Woden; Maid Marian is Morgen, the dawn-maiden; Friar Tuck is Toki, the spirit of frost and snow."