Sentence Examples

  • Decide on your format, headings, and design then compose a cover letter, followed by a compelling objective, irresistible summary of qualifications, and the icing on the cake - the detailed evidence to back it all up!
  • Master tip set: icing bag decorating tips are crucial for cake decorating, and this master set from Wilton has every type of tip you would ever need, including round, petal, drop flower, leaf, open star and much more.
  • Christmas cakes run the gamut from plain cakes decorated with red and green icing to fruitcake, Italian Panettone, and King Cake, which is served on the Epiphany to celebrate the arrival of the kings to the manger.
  • To add an attractive border around the edge of your cake, place your star tip in your piping bag, fill your piping bag with icing and twist the open end of the bag so the frosting will be forced out of the tip.
  • With such a dizzying variety of gorgeous Christmas cake icing designs available in catalogs, galleries, and books, decorators have more choice than ever before in how they attempt to dress up their holiday confections.

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