Sentence Examples

  • If you have a good handle on most decorating skills but don't yet feel advanced, choose a design that's somewhere in the middle.Stacked cake: Create a two or three layer cake, and frost it with buttercream or cover the layers with fondant.
  • It's possible to cover and decorate 3D cakes and character cakes with fondant, whipped cream, royal icing, and many other types of frosting, but it's easiest to decorate the cakes with simple homemade or store-bought buttercream frosting.
  • Tart lemons, tempered by sweet raspberries and even sweeter buttercream or fondant frosting, is a dream combination, and your guests will surely appreciate the fresh flavors and elegant presentation of the bright berries and lemon slices.
  • Christmas cake stencils, fanciful border templates, small cookies, edible candies, and tinted fondant all help make finished cakes stand out, so make sure to track down the props you need to give your design the attention it deserves.
  • Most people believe this type of fondant tastes better, and it still behaves in much the same way as regular fondant: it can still be rolled out, folded into flowers or roses, and used to make figurines or intricate decorations.