Sentence Examples

  • Women wanted more than the Jane Fonda leg warmers and leotards, neither of which was really functional outside of an aerobics class, nor was flattering on a plus size woman.
  • You wouldn't think that an acclaimed actress like Jane Fonda would have a history with the police, but back in November 1970, she was arrested for kicking a police officer.
  • When aerobic exercise exploded onto the fitness scene in the early 1980s, thanks largely to videos by Jane Fonda, leotards and headbands became fashionable accessories.
  • Leg-warmer clad women across the country were working out to Jane Fonda, and Dr. Kenneth Cooper was preaching the gospel of aerobic exercise.
  • The Valspar paint colors used in one of the palettes that go with this style are Ultra White, La Fonda Trail Green and La Fonda Geranium Red.