Sentence Examples

  • If you're in the middle of a blistering guitar solo on an electric, you can fudge the details a little bit in a way that would never fly on an acoustic.
  • Corn dogs, turkey legs, ice cream, pizza, taffy, and fudge are other decadent delights to curb the hunger of eager park guests.
  • Amaretto or cappuccino, chocolate, fudge, hazelnut, and custard fillings all impart rich, warm flavors perfect for a cool weather wedding.
  • Whether it is for a hot fudge sundae or a slice of pizza with extra cheese and all the toppings, anything goes as long as it doesn't go over the extra points value for the week.
  • The Orange-Apricot truffles, orange creams and the raspberry creams as well as our fudge contain eggs or egg products and are listed as such.