Sentence Examples

  • You supply the cupcakes and frosting, and designer kits from places like Cupcake Cuties gives you everything else you need -- embellishments and wrapper sleeves -- to make the most talked about centerpieces of your next party.
  • Sheet cakes and large round cakes are common at weddings for brides and grooms who want to save money, since they don't cost as much as tiered models, and any cupcake cake can be made in a flat rectangular or circular shape.
  • If you can't think of a way to fit your design onto single cupcakes but you think it might work in a bigger shape, try making a cupcake mosaic picture by combining several decorated cupcakes in a specific placement.
  • A group of cupcakes might be frosted with a bright pastel, such as spring green or dusty purple, topped with cheery fondant flowers, and served on a cupcake stand or cupcake tree with a small cake as the topper.
  • A great cupcake centerpiece idea can turn a lackluster display into a truly exciting layout that will serve the dual purpose of inviting people to look and taste while filling the need for a table centerpiece.