Sentence Examples

  • To prevent scald burns, set the temperature on the hot-water heater to a maximum of 120°F (49°C).
  • A hot-water pipe f should run along both sides of the pathway, close to the front ledge of the lowest beds.
  • The Plant Stove differs in no respect from the greenhouse except in having a greater extent of hot-water pipes for the purpose, of securing a greater degree of heat, although, as the plants in stove houses often attain a larger size, and many of them require a bed of coco-nut fibre, tan or leaf mould to supply with bottom heat, b: !, b a somewhat greater elevation may perhaps be occasionally required in some of the houses.
  • Artificial heat applied to the roots, called by gardeners " bottom-heat," is supplied by fermenting materials such as stable manure, leaves, &c., or by hot-water pipes.
  • It resembles in many points the one-pipe low pressure hot-water system.