Sentence Examples

  • Haue; the root is seen in "hew," to cut, cleave; the word must be distinguished from "hoe," promontory, tongue of land, seen in place names, e.g.
  • "I would rather hew wood," he exclaimed, "than be a king under the conditions of the king of England"; and when the Liberal opposition obstructed all the measures proposed by a ministry not selected from the parliamentary majority, he lost patience.
  • Heresy is a spiritual thing,"he says," which one cannot hew with any iron, burn with any fire, drown with any water.
  • On the way they slay their half-brother Erp, whom they suspect of lukewarmness in the cause; arrived in the hall of Ermanaric they make a great slaughter of the Goths, and hew off the hands and feet of Ermanaric, but they themselves are slain with stones.
  • P. C. Scotl.; Hew Scott's Fasti Eccles.