Sentence Examples

  • Turquan, Les Favorites de Louis XVIII.
  • His favorites were "In His Eyes" from Jekyll and Hyde and "Chase the Clouds Away" by Chuck Mangione.
  • The nation ascribed the series of disasters D~oHsi,Jestic which had filled the space from 1369 to 1375 entirely to the maladministration of Lancaster and the kings favorites, failing to see that it was largely due to the mere fact that England was not strong enough to hold down Aquitaine, when France was administered by a capable king and served by a great general.
  • And they had such and such favorites and such and such mistresses.
  • Hence there arose, both in and out of parliament, a violent agitation for the removal of Lancaster from power, and the punishment of the favorites, who were believed, with complete justification, to be misusing the royal name for their own private profit.