Sentence Examples

  • I call it absurd because on a ship that size, he was certainly handling duties that other qualified staffers existed to do, and in a bureaucracy, such signs of favoritism to the son of the doctor would certainly raise eyebrows.
  • While these people may indeed be able to offer relevant advice, because they have a strong connection to only one side of the couple, the other person may perceive favoritism or feel that the help is biased.
  • Favoritism becomes a factor when some parents find it much easier to relate to a child with a flexible temperament or one whose temperament matches their own than to a child who does not fit in as well.
  • If you're dating a boss or another person who is higher up the career ladder than you, there could be bouts of favoritism that other coworkers won't appreciate.
  • Before starting his career, the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola, Cage changed his last name to avoid favoritism in his career due to his famous relative.