45 Examples of Fun Facts for an “About Me” Introduction

Updated July 19, 2022
Fun Facts About Me
    Fun Facts About Me
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You meet someone new, and you’re having a great time until they ask, “So tell me about yourself.” Your mind immediately goes blank. With all your years on this earth and many personal experiences, where should you even start? Instead of deflecting with facts about goats or a random story about your English teacher, you can stay prepared with some fun facts about yourself.

What To Mention in an “About Me” Introduction

Whether you’re setting up a website, online profile, or resume, you’ll probably have to create an “about me” at some point in your life. The problem: There’s a lot about you to be put in what amounts to a paragraph.

The exact facts that you include in an “about me” can vary widely based on the platform and audience. In general, you want to include:

  • Your name
  • Your profession
  • Your location
  • Your educational background
  • Any fun facts about yourself or your life that might be relatable

Beyond that, the world’s your oyster. Fun facts, personal strengths, the names of your pets. You should mostly stick with positive things. Avoid getting too personal.


What Is a Fun Fact?

Fun is an admittedly subjective concept. Some people find jumping out of planes fun. Other people find jigsaw puzzles fun. Some people think neither or both are fun.

Ultimately, a fun fact is whatever you make of it. It should be a little tidbit of information that also entices your audience — whether that’s one other person at a dinner or the entire internet — to learn more about you.

How Do I Write Fun Facts About Me?

There aren’t too many rules or guidelines for a fun fact. The main one you should stick with is to keep it short. A fun fact shouldn’t be longer than one sentence. If someone wants to learn more, you can, of course, oblige them with a more in-depth explanation.

It can be tempting, but don’t try too hard to be weird or completely out there with your fun fact. People are capable of connecting with the barest details, so even if you think talking about your cat or your favorite t-shirt is mundane, other people might find it more relatable than an oddball story about running into some niche celebrity.


Fun Facts About Your Childhood

We were all kids at some point, and that naturally came with some weird stories and aspirations. Maybe you wanted to grow up to be a dinosaur. Maybe you spent the entire fifth grade eating only chicken nuggets. 

  • When I was a kid, _______ inspired me to be a _______.
  • My favorite story involving my first car is _______.
  • I used to collect _______.
  • The first record/tape/CD I ever owned was _______.
  • My greatest fear as a kid was _______.
  • Something I did as a kid that I still do as an adult is  _______.
  • My greatest accomplishment as a kid was _______.
  • I wanted to grow up to be _______.

Hypothetical Fun Facts About Me

Hypotheticals ask that all-important question: “what if…” The best thing about hypotheticals is that everyone can have one, and they also provide a real glimpse into your life without revealing too much actual information about you.

  • I’d love to open a shop that sells _______.
  • I would love to see a movie about _______.
  • If I could live anywhere in the world, I’d live _______.
  • My dream vacation would be in _______.
  • If money was no object, I’d  _______.
  • If I could only watch one show for the rest of my life, it would be _______.
  • Assuming I magically get all of my daily nutrition needs, the only food I would ever eat is _______.
  • If I were to teach any subject, it would be _______.
  • One thing on my bucket list is to _______.
  • If I had to live in another country, I would choose _______.
  • If I could win an imaginary award right now, I’d probably receive the _______.
  • Someone asks me to give a sudden and abrupt speech about any topic for at least 15 minutes straight. I’d talk about _______.
  • If I was a genius inventor, I would most like to invent _______.

Fun Fact Favorites

As a kid, you could form entire friendships based on favorite colors, animals, and flavors of ice cream. Surprisingly, adulthood isn’t so different!

  • My favorite time of day is _______.
  • The meal I look forward to most is _______.
  • The best room in my house is _______.
  • My favorite song to listen to when I want to feel happy is _______.
  • If I could only read one book for the rest of my life, it would be _______.
  • The best thing about the 21st century so far is _______.
  • My favorite made-up replacement curse word is _______.
  • My current favorite beverage of choice is _______.

Quirky Fun Facts About Me

Much like fingerprints and potato chips, we are all unique individuals with our own quirks and idiosyncrasies. Distinguishing yourself is an important part of a first impression. You don’t want to alienate other people, but showing off a bit of your unique side can demonstrate your humility and sense of humor.

  • The most unusual item within an arm’s reach of me is  _______.
  • The most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done is _______.
  • My most useless special talent is _______.
  • The bravest thing I’ve ever done was _______.
  • The most famous celebrity I’ve ever met is _______.
  • My craziest injury happened when _______.
  • My go-to font is _______.
  • My greatest (non-serious) irrational fear is _______.

Pop Culture Fun Facts About Me

Consuming popular culture and media is a way of life for so many people, and it can be an easy way to connect to other people. Just be aware of your audience. Based on the audience and any generational divides, some pop culture references may not stick.

  • My favorite actor/actress is _______.
  • My go-to comfort show/movie is _______.
  • My current book/author obsession is _______.
  • If my life were a TV show or movie, I’d want _______ to play the role of me.
  • My favorite childhood cartoon is _______.
  • I’d love to listen to a podcast all about _______.
  • I’m stuck on a desert island. The five books I’d bring are _______.
  • My current celebrity crush is __________.

Now that you have all these prompts for fun facts, you can add them to your “about me” essay, "about me" page, or online profile. They can also be a great conversation starter if you meet someone new and need to fill in an awkward silence.

It’s also a helpful reminder: The next time you think “I don’t have any interesting facts about me,” you’re totally wrong!