Fun and Creative All About Me Bag Examples + Printable

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Updated June 22, 2021
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    young boy doing show and tell
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An all about me bag is a fun way to help students and teachers get to know each other. Kids basically fill a bag with things that show their likes and personality, then share the contents. Check out me bag assignments and me bag examples to see how you can incorporate this creative activity into your lesson plans.

Fun Ways to Introduce About Me Bags

You can use an all about me bag in middle school and high school; they’re not just for elementary grades! Your me in a bag strategy can include giving the activity as a homework assignment or a more creative presentation. For younger kids, make sure you send home an all about me bag letter to parents so they can help complete the activity.

Book Character Bags

Make about me bags for different book characters you’ve met in your lessons. Let kids explore the bags and guess which character goes with each bag. Use this as a storytelling activity since kids will see how characters tell a story and how they can tell a story about who they are.


Guess Who I Am Game

Make your own about me bag and leave it on a chair in the front of the classroom. Write instructions on the board for kids to examine the bag and its contents, then make inferences about what each item says about you. Kids get points for things like correct guesses, creative guesses, and any other category you want. The points can be used to earn prizes and incentives.

Tell Me About Myself Activity

Provide a variety of bags and have each student fill one with items from around the room they think represent who you are. Each student can share their bag with the class to see how everyone looks at you in their own way or notices different things about you.

Don’t Open the Bag Challenge

An about me bag can include both personal items and items the student feels comfortable sharing. Leave your about me bag in plain view in the classroom for a day or more and challenge students not to peek inside.

If they succeed, share the contents with them. If they don’t, take the bag away without revealing what’s inside. This helps kids understand that while they’ll be sharing personal information, they only have to share what they want to, and others should respect that privacy.


All About Me Scavenger Hunt

Keep a bag somewhere everyone can access it. Ask students to pay attention throughout the day for you to mention the words “all about me.” Any item or topic that follows those words is a scavenger hunt clue. Allow students to get up when they hear the clue and find a related item to put in your about me bag. You might want to hide specific, labeled items around the room to make it more of a true scavenger hunt.

Unique All About Me Bag Ideas

Standard brown paper bags are the common vessel used for about me bags, but kids can choose their own bag so it fits their personal narrative. What kind of bag shows off your personality?

  • Reusable bag with a fun design
  • Drawstring bag featuring their favorite sports team
  • Personalized lunch bag
  • Gift bag
  • Clean, empty snack food bag
  • Purse
  • Fanny pack
  • Unused doggy poo bag
  • Toiletries bag
  • Shopping bag from their favorite store

Creative All About Me Bag Items

Items for a me bag for school can include anything that shows something about you. All about me bag item ideas include things you’ve made, things you own, and images or words that represent your personality.

Things You Made

Show off your skills and interests with something you’ve made or helped make. What hobbies do you have that result in homemade items?

  • Scrapbook
  • Craft project
  • Holiday decoration
  • Piece of clothing or accessory
  • Picture of something you built with blocks or other connecting toys
  • A model you built
  • A robot or other electronic device you built
  • A game you invented
  • A picture you drew or painted

Things You Love

Let others see what’s most important to you by including a few things you really love.

  • The case for your favorite movie
  • A collection of books by your favorite author
  • A music player with your favorite song cued up
  • A picture of your family
  • Your pet’s favorite toy
  • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils in your favorite color(s)
  • A wrapper for your favorite snack
  • A magazine picture of your favorite breakfast, lunch, or dinner food
  • An empty drink container from your favorite drink
  • The case for your favorite video game
  • A shirt with your favorite character or sports team on it
  • A piece of equipment from your favorite sport

Items That Represent Ideas or Concepts

Illustrate abstract concepts or big ideas with items that represent that topic.

  • A card or board game to represent playing
  • A pen or pencil and notebook to represent writing
  • A microphone to represent singing
  • A fireman’s badge to represent your hopes of becoming a firefighter
  • A toy tree to represent your love of nature
  • One sneaker to represent your love of running
  • A medal to represent your love of winning
  • A video game controller to represent your love of gaming
  • Dice to represent math as your favorite school subject
  • A map to represent travel or a love of geography

Important Words

Pictures can say a lot, but so can words. Look for unique text-based items that show a part of your personality without describing it in detail.

  • A poem or short story you wrote
  • Your locked diary or journal
  • A picture book
  • A cookbook
  • A plant or animal identification book
  • A poster
  • Tickets from an event you attended
  • A brochure for a place you love to visit
  • A take-out menu for your favorite restaurant
  • A printed screenshot of a text message or social media post
  • A quote you love written on a piece of paper
  • The instructions from your favorite board or card game

All About Me Bag Checklist

All about me bag printable instructions can help students and parents understand the activity. This All About Me Bag Checklist includes directions for making the me bag and an area where students can mark which types of items they’ve included. Use a troubleshooting guide if you need help downloading the checklist.

All about me bag checklist

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Make it All About You

An about me bag is a fun way to show others who you are and what you like by summarizing the items in your bag. Choose items and topics that you’re comfortable sharing so you can have a positive experience rather than a stressful one. If your me bag is a personal statement about you, what items would you include?