Sentence Examples

  • For example, when joining a new group where a conversation is already in progress, well-liked children will listen first, establishing a tentative presence in the group before speaking, even if it is to change the subject.
  • If you don't know any of the brands that are well-liked by the girl you shop for, perhaps one of the brands listed below makes an item that appeals to you and will be greatly appreciated by the girl you buy it for.
  • The cast of Magna Carta was designed by a relatively well-known and apparently well-liked Korean artist named Hyung-Tae Kim, but the results certainly won't appeal to everybody.
  • As with any well-known and well-liked TV character, the popularity of Thomas has found a home in many products, including the Thomas the Train toddler bed.
  • In any case, O'Hara, in company with other well-liked Irish actresses like Irene Dunne, helped cement the idea that Ireland was populated by redheads.