Sentence Examples

  • These highly knowledgeable, and often well-known, individuals host classes on a variety of topics, from new time and budget-saving scrapping techniques to advanced concept dynamics for scrappers looking to turn their passion into profit.
  • Well-known for catering to the full-figured market niche, Lane Bryant has even offered such unusual designs as a kimono-sleeved poncho with a gathered waist to bring a bit of tummy tucking style to an otherwise loosely fitted garment.
  • For those who compete on a dance team or in a cheerleading squad, there is a wide array of MySpace layouts to choose from, ranging from the iconic pompoms to photographs of well-known squads, such as the Dallas Cowboys' cheerleaders.
  • Cups and Saucers (Cobaea) - In favourable localities in the southern and western counties C. scandens, a well-known greenhouse plant, thrives against an outside wall, and will cover a considerable space of trellis-work during summer.
  • For the most rugged, longest lasting jean jackets, look for well-known brands such as Levi's (a company that knows denim inside and out) or even DKNY, which carries a boy's denim jacket that's much more affordable than you may think.