Sentence Examples

  • At the same time, these games maintain the role-playing elements common to many RPGs, including character upgrades, character development, engrossing storylines, and so on.
  • This is a huge danger when gamers fail to interact with the real world anymore, ignoring real world concerns and completely engrossing themselves in the objectives of the game.
  • It was thus that Schopenhauer by his own experience saw in the primacy of the will the fundamental fact of his philosophy, and found in the engrossing interests of the selfish 'pros the perennial hindrances of the higher life.
  • Quilting, and engrossing in a beautiful but peculiar hand, known as Fracturschrift.'
  • At the opening of his reign Richard had one all-engrossing desire; he was set on going forth to the Crusade for the recovery of Jerusalem which had been proclaimed in 1187, Crusade, partly from chivalrous instincts, partly as a penance for his misconduct to his father.