Sentence Examples

  • 1729, p. 3 8 5), relates that Wykeham nearly got into trouble for inscribing on it, "This made Wickam," which he only escaped by explaining that it did not mean that Wykeham made the tower, but that the tower was the making of Wykeham.
  • 1130 he assumed the style of king of Sicily, inscribing upon his sword the famous hexameter Appulus et Calaber Siculus mihi servit et Afer.
  • The practice was long afterwards adopted of designating the Olympiad, or period of four years, by the name of the victor in the contests of the stadium, and of inscribing his name in the gymnasium of Olympia.
  • (4) On the inscribing of each of the five regular polyhedra in a sphere.
  • The same may be said of the numerous silly stories told of his life, such as that of his procuring a free passage to Paris by inscribing packets "Poison for the king," and so forth.