Sentence Examples

  • The languages which it disguises rather Middle, n expressesMiddle Persian, as we may call it Persian.
  • His life was one of concealment and disguises; a price was put on his head; but he was fearless and indefatigable in carrying on his propaganda and in ministering to the scattered Catholics, even in their prisons.
  • It was not long before all disguises were thrown off; in Egypt Wahab-allath began to issue coins without the head of Aurelian and bearing the imperial title, and Zenobia's coins bear the same.
  • Sometimes Athena disguises him as a decrepit beggar, sometimes she bestows on him supernatural beauty and vigour.
  • Thus driven back upon himself, Schopenhauer fell into morbid meditations, and the world which he saw, if it was stripped naked of its disguises, lost its proportions in the distorting light.