Sentence Examples

  • The name was particularly used of the supporters of the Exclusion Bill in 1680, with the meaning of "sham Protestant."
  • However, the protection granted to them was a mere sham, and the Catalans were soon the victims of the revenge of Philip of Spain.
  • This was attributable to the lingering yet potent influence of an unhappy past was held by some; while others attributed the weakness to the viceregal office and the effects of a sham court.
  • The treaty contained a clause by which Charles was bound to declare himself a Catholic, and with the knowledge of this Ashley, as a stanch Protestant, could not be trusted: In order to blind him and the other Protestant members of the Cabal a sham treaty was arranged in which this clause did not appear, and it was not until a considerable while afterwards that he found out that he had been duped.
  • Under this misunderstanding he signed the sham Dover treaty on the 31st of December 1670.