Sentence Examples

  • Moreover, as Fuchs has pointed out, in the words €vv Ev µa-raiocs addressed to Eve (§ 25) there is a corruption of ?'S=n into Thus the words were: " Thou shalt have pangs."
  • Another difficulty lies in the words "and thou shalt come even to Babylon" in iv.
  • 21 a by " Thou shalt not give any of thy seed to an Aramean woman to make her conceive " is censured, presumably because the prohibition of Molech worship is thereby ignored.
  • 20 (" thou shalt fear [eth-] Yahweh thy God ") was interpreted to include the veneration of the doctors of the law along with Yahweh.
  • Jesus is said to have replied, " I go, but thou shalt wait till I return."