Sentence Examples

  • It also makes it easier to post things on the boards, both in terms of speed (faster to type WS than "that cheating lying bastard I married") and also keeping some anonymity and distance between the situation and talking about it.
  • It was in Dean's custom Porsche 550, dubbed "Little Bastard," that he met his untimely demise while joy riding around California.
  • This is a step away, however, as you play an unlucky bastard of a hero, Henry Townshend, that lives in a town just outside Silent Hill, South Ashfield.
  • In spite, however, of the concerted attacks of William the Bastard (the Conqueror), duke of Normandy, and Henry I., king of France, he was able in 1051 to force Maine to recognize his authority, though failing to revenge himself on William.
  • This chieftain lived north of the Orange river in the district now known as Griqualand West, and ruled over some 4000 people, a bastard race sprung from the intercourse between Boers and native women.