Sentence Examples

  • These changes were typically made with little fanfare; there was just a simple announcement that the role of "John" would now be played by "so-and-so," and viewers would simply have to get used to the new actor in the role.
  • Amidst the hoopla about who's cheating on who, who's having who's baby, when so-and-so will get caught and various other shenanigans, soap opera ratings seem to take a bit of a backseat - at least to the audience.
  • The last of our love games that actually work is the "I'll just inquire of so-and-so, if so-and-so is available," all done of course, with the intent of it actually getting back to the desired so-and-so.
  • Resources often list people as being "credited" and often names so-and-so as the inventor of this for video game and that for consoles.
  • In addition to being frustrating, it can hurt a diet by making you think you'll never lose weight and look like so-and-so.