Sentence Examples

  • The varied collections of Sir John Soane, accumulated at his house in Lincoln's Inn Fields, are open to view as the Soane Museum.
  • The building is mainly the work of Sir John Soane (c. 1788).
  • Egyptian dynasty (1326-1300 B.C.), which is carved out of a block of Aragonite or hard carbonate of lime, now in the Soane Museum; of later date are the green porphyry sarcophagus and the terra-cotta sarcophagus from Clazomenae; both of these date from the early 6th century B.C., and are in the British Museum.
  • SIR JOHN SOANE (1753-1837), English architect and art collector, was born near Reading of a humble family whose name of Swan he afterwards altered to Soan or Soane.
  • In his house in Lincoln's Inn Fields he brought together a valuable antiquarian museum (now the Soane Museum), which in 1835 he presented to the nation with an endowment; and there he died in 1837.