Sentence Examples

  • In the latter city he studied from his eighteenth year, and there, after making the pilgrimage in 1253, he settled as a private scholar until 1267, when he succeeded Abu Shama as professor of tradition at the Ashrafiyya school.
  • Most important of the quarters of Masr-el-Atika is that of Kasr-esh-Shama (Castle of the Candle), built within the outer walls of the Roman fortress of Babylon.
  • Of the other churches in Kasresh-Shama the most noteworthy is that of El Adra (the Virgin), also called El 1Vloallaka, or The Suspended, being built in one of the towers of the Roman gateway.
  • One, south of the Kasresh-Shama, is called Der Bablun, thus preserving the name of the ancient fortress.