Sentence Examples

  • Sadly, this type of privacy invasion occurs because an employee is disgruntled, they want to get revenge on you for something you did to them (like treat them badly on the phone) or to simply get your information.
  • Sometimes disgruntled programmers left back doors in software programs they would later access to wreak havoc as revenge for perceived wrongs done to them by a former company employer.
  • Consumers were a bit disgruntled when the store decided simply to return all of its unsold DVD's to its distributors rather than offer them at deeply discounted prices to its consumers.
  • Of course, any disgruntled customer can post a blog entry that may or may not be accurate, but when customer after customer reports a problem, it may make you think twice about spending your money.
  • This is not because of disgruntled actors or contract disputes, but simply because the writers have managed to write out almost every original character and replenish their supply with new faces in Genoa City.