Sentence Examples

  • The malcontent nobles soon began to plan revolt.
  • The result of this change in the attitude of Gregory was the formation of a strong malcontent party in the College of Cardinals; to counteract whose influence, the pope - faithless to the conditions attached to his election - resorted to the plan of creating new members.
  • Next spring nine of the party, headed by the chief malcontent Thorhall, Red Eric's huntsman, sailed off northward, intending to come to Vinland by rounding Keelness and thence working round west (and south).
  • The malcontent nobles met at Zelena Hora (Griineberg) on the 28th of November 1465, and concluded an alliance against the king, bringing forward many - mostly untrue - accusations against him.
  • The first and most famous of the malcontent leaders was Count Imre Tokoli (q.v.).