Sentence Examples

  • The next earl was Waltheof and after him Uhtred, who defeated Malcolm II., king of the Scots, in io06.
  • What is called the Stone of Mortlach is traditionally believed to have been erected to commemorate the success of Malcolm II.
  • In 1068, after the failure of the first rising of the north, Edgar retired to Scotland, when his sister Margaret married the Scottish king, Malcolm Canmore.
  • 1152), a son of King David I., and became king of Scotland on the death of his brother, Malcolm IV., in December 1165, being crowned at Scone during the same month.
  • In the 11th century Strathclyde appears to have been finally incorporated in the Scottish kingdom, and the last time we hear of one of its kings is at the battle of Carham in 1018 when the British king Owen fought in alliance with Malcolm II.