Sentence Examples

  • This is just verbal camouflage behind which private shareholders are still dipping their ever-larger ladles into an increasing stream of tax revenues.
  • A rhinestone camo purse may teeter on the glamorous side, but unless it's completely covered in gleaming stones or employs the camouflage pattern very discreetly, chances are it won't pass muster at a truly dressy function.
  • Feminine, fashion-forward and simply adorable, the Heart flip flop has a simple half inch heel, printed straps (in either zebra, camouflage or cheetah) and a delicate rhinestone-encrusted heart for a bold touch.
  • In terms of specific colors, you'll be able to select styles here where the brighter colors are placed on the areas you want to highlight, while darker colors shade in those places you'd prefer to camouflage.
  • They can explain what works best for your height, weight and breadth and help you learn how to camouflage your lesser aspects while enhancing your best features so that you'll always put the "snap" in snappy.