Sentence Examples

  • As if that isn't odd enough, during the blackout which last for a little more than 2 minutes, each character experiences a "flash forward" in time and they each see into their own futures.
  • While the resort is much smaller than some of the other ski areas outside of Denver and Colorado Springs, they offer amenities like free parking and WiFi, season passes without blackout dates or restrictions, and Monday night race leagues.
  • Not all coupons for rental cars offer the same savings, and conscientious shoppers should watch for expiration and blackout dates, hidden charges on top of the discounted rates, and other terms and conditions that may apply to each offer.
  • Sea World coupons are a great way to save some serious money, but remember to always check the fine print on your tickets to verify the specific park it is valid at, expiration or blackout dates, or other restrictions.
  • With her latest album Blackout certified Gold and things with her ex-husband taking a turn for the positive, it seems that Britney Spears is making good strides to getting her personal life and career back on track.