Sentence Examples

  • A rhinestone camo purse may teeter on the glamorous side, but unless it's completely covered in gleaming stones or employs the camouflage pattern very discreetly, chances are it won't pass muster at a truly dressy function.
  • Moreover, even if he is stuck chained to a desk most of the time with very little opportunity to enjoy nature, he'll feel comfortable and at home in some camo styles while he's just relaxing around the house.
  • Things with Bling: Offers western-inspired iced out accessories, including an assortment of pink and green camo purses in belted styles, shoulder bags, and a sleek black bag with black and pink camo trim.
  • Finally, color is always important, and while you won't want for options in this department, if you are looking for a style that is a bit less common, then think about going the camo route.
  • Choose from black, white, gold, or silver for the front, and cheetah, brown, white, black, and camo leather on the sides (see the OSA International site for specific combinations available.