Sentence Examples

  • A guy who is going to a medieval themed prom might want to forgo the classic tuxedo for a more Shakespearean look, he could try a costume shop to find a knight outfit, or if he is the class clown, why not look for a jester's costume?
  • If your dog keeps the family entertained, consider dressing him as a clown, like this colorful costume from Costumes Inc.. A cheerleader costume is another appropriate choice for a fun-loving pet.
  • Shia came from a family of performers - his grandfather was a comedian who worked in the Catskill Mountains, his dad was a circus and rodeo clown and his mother was a ballerina.
  • Some clown who wanted to give my first novel a one-star review on Amazon, anonymously gets to crap upon it, and have that become part of the history of that book until the end of time.
  • After all, the last thing I ever want to do is look more like a glowing clown than a glamorous ingénue, but because this product promises a more natural look, I decided to try it.