Sentence Examples

  • Wig Tree, &c. Clematis.
  • Danish tradition has preserved record of two governors of Schleswig, father and son, in their service, Frowinus (Freawine) and Wigo (Wig), from whom the royal family of Wessex claimed descent.
  • The duchies of Schleswig and Holstein had.been for centuries united to the kingdom of Denmark by the golden link of the Scliles- crown; in other respects they had been organica]1y wig- kept distinct, while one of themIjolsteinwa., a Holstein member of the German confederation.
  • A student in a gray wig and exaggerated backside was at the sink, pretending to wash dishes.
  • During the period when the hair or wig was worn "powdered" or whitened, houses had a special room set apart for the process, known as the powdering-room or closet.