Sentence Examples

  • Wig Tree, &c. Clematis.
  • It is worthy of note that the dynasty claimed to be of the same origin as the royal house of Bernicia and that two of Cerdic's ancestors, Freawine and Wig, figure in the.
  • Other female figures are modelled in a paste, upon a stick, and the black hair is sometimes made separately to fit on as a wig over the red head, showing that wigs were then used.
  • Danish tradition has preserved record of two governors of Schleswig, father and son, in their service, Frowinus (Freawine) and Wigo (Wig), from whom the royal family of Wessex claimed descent.
  • The duchies of Schleswig and Holstein had.been for centuries united to the kingdom of Denmark by the golden link of the Scliles- crown; in other respects they had been organica]1y wig- kept distinct, while one of themIjolsteinwa., a Holstein member of the German confederation.