Sentence Examples

  • This is the challenge that Harlequin floors undertook to meet, and for the most part, the company has been doing it all over the world.
  • All in all, American Harlequin seems to satisfy customers around the world, being a common flooring solution for dancers world-wide.
  • Victoria Lyras of the Indianapolis School of Ballet, for example, loves her Harlequin dance floor because "…it allows my dancers to feel secure and to have their primary focus during performances be on the choreography - not the floor."
  • Claude Heintz, Technical and Theater Director for the University of Wisconsin- Madison dance department, was not happy with the American Harlequin floor he found in the theater when he took over eleven years ago.
  • Spreading from Great Britain through Europe, Asia, and Australia, the installation of an American Harlequin dance floor is becoming part of a global standardization of dance surfaces.