Descriptive Words for a Man

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Updated August 11, 2021
descriptive word example of dependable man
    descriptive word example of dependable man
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When it comes to talking about a guy, you may find yourself at a loss in looking for words to describe a man. Depending on your mindset for compiling the list of words, you might find many of the words used to describe a man can be used to describe just about any person. Get that manly feel across by using descriptive words generally reserved for men.

Words to Describe a Man Physically

Describing what a man looks like includes mentioning things like his physique and what he’s wearing. Explore descriptive words for appearance to find the best term for your needs.

  • athletic
  • attractive
  • bald
  • big
  • broad
  • clean-cut
  • cute
  • dapper
  • dashing
  • fat
  • fit
  • handsome
  • hot
  • robust
  • rough
  • rugged
  • sculpted
  • sexy
  • sharp
  • short
  • strong
  • studly
  • tall
  • tan

Words to Describe a Man’s Personality

Use adjectives that describe personality traits generally associated with males to describe the man you’re talking about.

  • aggressive
  • arrogant
  • assertive
  • charming
  • cocky
  • confident
  • dependable
  • funny
  • good friend
  • good guy
  • hard working
  • helpful
  • hero
  • humble
  • nice
  • player
  • powerful
  • protective
  • reliable
  • self-aware
  • smart
  • tough

Words for a Man’s Roles

Men in real life and in fiction play a lot of different roles from provider to lover. Describe your guy with a strong word or phrase that illustrates exactly who he is.

  • action hero - strong, not silent; protector type; can be excessively aggressive or engage in violent behavior
  • big shot - conceited; a player; can be cocky, arrogant and harsh; defined by his status in life as being the apex of success with all the money in the world in his bank account
  • breadwinner - earns the most money in the relationship and supports the family
  • buffoon - has a tough time parenting and dealing with issues at home or at work
  • jock - aggressive, attractive, nice body; uses his strength and body mass to impress women and scare men; avoids dealing with emotions; showcases power and strength in order to win the affection of women and the approval of men
  • joker - former class clown, turned all around funny guy that makes people laugh for a living
  • strong silent type - keeps to himself, yet is an ordinary guy; women may flock to him due to the mystique that surrounds his persona; can be rough, strong and sensitive; focuses on being in charge and in control

Stereotypical Perspective of Masculine Words

Typically when describing a man, you tend to choose more traditionally masculine words and powerful words. There is a tendency to use words that align with the stereotypes society has about men.

Descriptive words for a man are directly linked to the internal and external belief barriers towards their career, life and success in both. Some of these words can be considered self-limiting. Most words used to describe men seem to give an implied meaning of something that may or may not be there.

Examples of the words putting that stereotypical social conditioning in motion include:

  • collective power
  • competitive
  • groomed
  • personal power
  • protector
  • status
  • strong performance
  • unemotional

Finding Words to Describe Men

It can be said that there are hundreds of words to describe a man. The meaning of the word depends on the context the word is being used in. Before flipping through a thesaurus for a descriptive word, consider the context of the situation regarding the man you’re trying to describe.

  • Are you providing a general description?
  • Are you describing the guy in a certain situation?
  • Is the man someone you know or a random passerby?
  • What is the man wearing?

Describing the Perfect Man

Whether you’re describing your perfect man or perfectly describing a male character, choosing the right words can make a world of difference. Now that you have the right words to describe a man, find the perfect words to describe a first impression or powerful words to describe a woman. Want to know when it's ok to call someone sexy, the connotations of the word, or just what traits make up sexiness? We define all the uses and meanings of sexy.