Sentence Examples

  • Since the time of Clovis the German sovereigns had never ceased to intervene in such matters.
  • Theodoric, king of the Ostrogoths, endeavoured to form a confederacy with the Thu~ingi, Heruli and Warni against Clovis in order to protect the Visigoths in the early years of the 6th century, but very shortly afterwards the king of the Heruli was slain by the Langobardi and their existence as an independent power came to an end.
  • The great nobles, however, appealed to the king of Neustria, Clovis II., and unity was re-established.
  • He died in 481 and was succeeded by his son Clovis, who conquered the whole of Gaul with the exception of the kingdom of Burgundy and Provence.
  • Their kingdom lasted until the year 495, when they were conquered by Clovis, from which time they formed part of the Frankish dominions.