Carouse Definition

caroused, carouses, carousing
caroused, carouses, carousing
To drink large amounts of alcohol, especially in boisterous merrymaking.
American Heritage
To drink much alcoholic liquor, esp. along with others having a noisy, merry time.
Webster's New World

(intransitive) To engage in a noisy or drunken social gathering.

We are all going to carouse at Brian's tonight.

(intransitive) To drink to excess.

If I survive this headache, I promise no more carousing at Brian's.
A noisy, merry drinking party.
Webster's New World
American Heritage
A glassful drunk all at once, esp. as a toast.
Webster's New World

A large draught of liquor.


Origin of Carouse

  • Earlier a cup drunk up completely in one draft as a toast from French carous as in French (boire) carous (to drink a cup) up completely in one draft from German gar aus(trinken) (to drink) up completely (used in such exhortations as trinks gar aus drink it all up) gar completely (from Middle High German) (from Old High German garo) (archaic English yare ready) aus out, up auslander

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From Middle French carousser (“to quaff, drink, swill”), from German gar aus (“quite out”), from gar austrinken (“to drink up entirely, guzzle”). More at drink.

    From Wiktionary

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