Sentence Examples

  • Free Tabs: You'll find a wide assortment of guitar tabs such as Revelry, Crawl and Manhattan.
  • Ice breakers are designed to get the revelry flowing and help those guests who don't know anyone to feel more at ease.
  • Where the Pacific meets the Sea of Cortez, delicious seafood and Mexican cuisine is celebrated in a festive environment that inspires vibrant revelry amid an unprecedented menu and incomparable scenery.
  • The over-haste of the Puritans to drill England into ways of morality and virtue had thrown at least the upper classes into a slough of revelry and baseness.
  • In England a parish-ale or feast was always held after the perambulation, which assured its popularity, and in Henry VIII.'s reign the occasion had become an excuse for so much revelry that it attracted the condemnation of a preacher who declared "these solemne and accustomable processions and supplications be nowe growen into a right foule and detestable abuse."