Sentence Examples

  • He was well adapted to his time by his good sense and sobriety of judgment.
  • The buildings of the latest French style keep a certain purity and sobriety in Normandy which they do not keep elsewhere.
  • A greater sobriety of tone was introduced both into life and literature with the accession of Vespasian.
  • As an advocate he occasionally forgets that sobriety of judgment and expression become an historian.
  • But in his general view of ethical principles as being, like mathematical principles,' essentially truths of relation, Clarke is quite in accordance with Locke; while of the four fundamental rules that he expounds, Piety towards God, Equity, Benevolence and Sobriety (which includes self-preservation), the first is obtained, just as Locke suggests, by " comparing the idea " of man with the idea of an infinitely good and wise being on whom he depends; and the second and third are axioms self-evident on the consideration of the equality or similarity of human individuals as such.