Sentence Examples

  • The movement's features include the following historical elements: World's first wristwatch carousel and flying movement and world's first carousel with 100 hours of power reserve.
  • Family Kingdom Amusement Park Attractions:  Includes the 110-foot freefall called the "Slingshot Drop zone," two go-kart tracks, log flume, historic carousel and a miniature locomotive.
  • Taking care not to bump it or drop it will help to keep the glass from cracking and therefore drastically reduce the number of times you will have to buy a Sharp carousel microwave replacement plate.
  • Like plenty of other things, carousel horses didn't become a momentous success until they traveled to the United States where they became more colorful, fanciful and profit-worthy.
  • This simple amusement continues to be featured in theme parks all over the world, and some of the most vibrant and memorable of carousel horses are found right here in America.