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  • The kind or gracious one - doubtless a euphemistic name - has his prototype in the old fierce storm-god Rudra, the" Roarer,"with certain additional features derived from other deities, especially Pushan, the guardian of flocks and bestower of prosperity, worked up therewith.
  • Two of his publications, with similar titles, in 1530, are noteworthy as having influenced Menno Simons and David Joris (Weissagung vsz heiliger giitlicher geschrifft, and Prophecey oder Weissagung vsz roarer heiliger gatlicher schrifft).
  • Under the category of religious observances may perhaps come those held previously to the departure of the great trading or lakatoi fleet: their taboo-proclaiming customs, their ceremonial and sacred initiation ceremonies for boys and girls on reaching puberty, when masks are worn and the "bull-roarer" swung, as also the harvest festivals, at which great trophies of the produce of field and forest are erected, preparatory to a big feast enlivened with music and dancing.
  • Geryon (from rygpuw, the howler or roarer) is supposed to personify the storm, his father Chrysaor the lightning, his mother Callirrhoe the rain.

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