Sentence Examples

  • The creator of the present edifice was Francis I., under whom the architect Gilles le Breton erected most of the buildings of the Cour Ovale, including the Porte Doree, its southern entrance, and the Salle des Fetes, which, in the reign of Henry II., was decorated by the Italians, Francesco Primaticcio and Nicolo dell' Abbate, and is perhaps the finest Renaissance chamber in France.
  • Abbate, Guida al Gran Sasso d'Italia, Rome, 1888).
  • Iv.; Abbate L.
  • Abbate, Guida della provincia di Roma (Rome, 1894, 2 vols.); H.
  • Here he wrote a defence of the doctrine of the Real Presence against the Calvinists in the form of an apology for Rupert, abbot of Deutz (Apologia pro Ruperto abbate Tuitensi, Paris, 1669).